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Catering to clients of all ages in Forest Hill, Maryland (near Bel Air), we are an EXCLUSIVE fitness club that works with a LIMITED membership to maximize your total health and fitness goals. Take a few minutes to browse our website and learn about our Group Fitness, Personal Training, Special Classes and Wellness Programs!

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At FOREST HILL health + fitness you will receive friendly, personal and professional service in our clean and bright gym facility.

When you join our fitness center, your membership includes a FREE consultation with one of our professional staff members. They will help you develop an exercise program and workout routine that will fulfill your weight loss or fitness goals.

At FOREST HILL health + fitness, we guarantee that you will rarely, if ever, have to wait to use our exercise equipment as yours will be one of only 250 EXCLUSIVE gym memberships. We are the only local fitness center committed to providing such a limited membership enrollment. We have a wide range of fitness equipment and weight machines to choose from.

In addition, we have a unique relationship with Gary Lynch Physical Therapy, which is just next door. Whether you’ve suffered an injury, are in a rehabilitation program or simply feel the need to have a professional opinion, you can walk from FOREST HILL health + fitness next door to see one of the physical therapists there.

Forest Hill Health + Fitness - Where Results Matter

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Take a few minutes to browse our gym’s website, learn about our personal training staff, fitness facility and range of health and fitness services.

Feel free to drop by and tour our fitness center so you can see for yourself that FOREST HILL Health + Fitness is more than just a place to lift weights – it’s an opportunity for you to acquire a healthy lifestyle and enrich the way you live.

For any additional questions call us at 410-893-4153.


where results matter!